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"I should have done this sooner"

Published: August 22 2013

At Csek Creative, we truly believe that the online home for your business – your website and social channels – deserve the same attention and respect that you give your storefront or home. In an increasingly digital age, the appearance and accessibility of your business online is more important than ever. Recent statistics show that more and more people are making a decision about where to take their business while they are online. So why are businesses still so hesitant to take the leap and renovate – or build – their online property?


For many business owners, the idea of designing a new website is terrifying. People are wary of cost, time, and the stress that they believe will come with taking on a renovation of their web property, but maybe it's time to reevaluate those fears.


Csek Creative recently redesigned the website for Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort. The popular travel destination had been working with a site that was dated, difficult to use, and didn't allow them to easily make changes on their own or update the site. Visitors to the site found that it didn't accurately reflect the modern look and amenities of the resort, it was difficult to navigate, and the site was troublesome on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets).


The former homepage for Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort - note the vast amounts of empty space, small images, and overwhelming menu options


Working closely with the team at Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort, Csek Creative set out to change everything. The resort has recently undergone a number of extensive upgrades and renovations, making it more modern and stylish, so naturally the colour scheme of the new site needed to reflect this. Our designer made use of a simple colour scheme that took advantage of the bright blue and green in the company logo without overwhelming visitors.


Next, our talented programming team worked to place the website into our custom CMS, allowing the owners of Ainsworth Hot Springs to make any changes to the site that they wished and continuously update the site without the need for a webmaster. The programmers also ensured that the site was built with a responsive design, so that the online property would show beautifully and be simple to navigate, no matter what device a user may be using.


A section of the new homepage for Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort - note the vibrant colours, large images, simple menu, and use of space


All of this was achieved with a modest budget, allowing Ainsworth Hot Springs Resort to quickly recuperate their costs.

  • For the price that you would pay for a full-page ad in a local newspaper, you could have a new website.
  • For the price of a top banner ad on a popular community news site for a single week, you could have a new website.
  • For the cost of four 30-second radio ads per day for a month, you could have a new website. 

Money is often the biggest cause for hesitation when it comes to building a new website, but the cost is minimal, and the benefit is enormous.


Designing a new website can be painless and will offer a spectacular return on investment. Once all is said and done, we often hear clients say, “Why didn't I do this sooner?” and frankly, we tend to agree.


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