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How this Kelowna business is driving sales using email marketing

Published: August 05 2022

When you walk into Strut Footwear & Apparel at the beginning of any given month, you’ll be struck by the hustle and bustle of the small storefront—women gleefully trying on stylish, unique shoes, complimenting each other as they walk around to see how a particular pair feels; staff excitedly making recommendations and bringing out different sizes from the back; and of course, fashion-forward shoes and clothing thoughtfully displayed across each shelf and rack.

You may wonder to yourself—what brings all these women through the doors? What’s all the fuss about?

The answer? Marketing, brand consistency and great customer service.

And some especially savvy email marketing.

The Strut Footwear Monthly Exclamat!on Series

Along with the store’s expertly curated selection of handcrafted shoes and accessories, exceptional customer service and a well-rounded marketing and advertising strategy, Strut Footwear & Apparel releases a regular eNewsletter to all of its subscribers each month.

Building on their campaign tagline, An Exclamat!on for Every Outfit, the Monthly Exclamat!on Series brings attention to must-have products, spotlights on staff, and details about their involvement in the community.

Most importantly, the newsletter includes an exclusive monthly promotion, encouraging readers to drop by the store and take advantage of limited offers on seasonal footwear and accessories.

Promotions have ranged from a discount on popular brands to deals on gift cards to flash sales offering excellent deals for a limited period of time, usually starting on the date the newsletter is sent out.

The results

Exclusive promotions run through the Monthly Exclamat!on Series consistently drives foot traffic to Strut’s brick and mortar store. By highlighting different shoes and accessories, readers are also directed to the e-commerce site, where they can browse a wide range of inventory and make a purchase online.

By the numbers

The industry benchmark for open rates on fashion-based newsletters is around 32.9%.

Strut Footwear’s newsletters consistently have open rates between 60% and 70%.

With an audience of over 1,500 subscribers, that means at least 900 people are choosing to open the newsletter each month when it comes into their inbox. Talk about raving fans!

On top of that, each newsletter gets anywhere from 150-250 clicks through to the e-commerce site.

Anecdotal and quantitative successes have included:

  • When the newsletter included a gift card promotion for Mother’s Day, they sold out of available gift cards before the promo ended. They even shipped some off as far as Ontario!
  • One of Strut’s staff members was recently hired as a result of sending the job posting out in the newsletter.
  • Large spikes in website traffic whenever a newsletter goes out.
  • Steady increase in online and in-store sales, attributable to a holistic marketing approach including the monthly newsletter.

Web traffic to the strutfootwear.com. Each spike in traffic corresponds to the monthly send date of the newsletter.

Want to give email marketing a try?

If a strategic, regular newsletter with exceptional content and eye-catching creative can work for a local business like Strut Footwear & Apparel, there’s no reason it couldn’t work for you.

Whether you’re a product or service-based company, have three employees, 30 or 300, our experience developing newsletter campaigns for local businesses continues to show that they are a fantastic way to raise brand awareness, share info about your offerings and—of course—drive the kind of sales and leads that have the potential to grow your business beyond what you could have dreamed.

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