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How Instagram can help your business

Published: May 18 2017

It’s no lie that Instagram is a powerful brand-building tool! Whether you’re selling Avocado Toast, posting your daily outfits, or marketing your creative design, Instagram is one of the most important and effective ways you can make an impact on your prospective audience and potential clients. With several tools available, and more continuously being introduced for businesses, Instagram is literally giving you the resources and opportunities to get your business and brand out there.

Here are some ways Instagram can help out your business!

Get More Exposure

From a business standpoint, exposure is one of the keys to building a brand that people want to be a part of. Since Instagram is a visual platform, you can take advantage of all of the ways you can show off your products, services, or even some company culture for added exposure.

You can increase your exposure in a few ways. Firstly, by searching for and using high-performing hashtags, Instagramers will be able to find your photo and brand much more quickly and through the Explore page. Another great way to increase your exposure is to get engaged on the app! Use Instagram for what it’s for-liking and commenting on photos that caught your eye! Instagram users pay attention to authenticity and engagement, two strategies that are very hard to fake. Be sure to spend time everyday responding to comments, liking photos, leaving organic comments and engaging with brands and members of your audience in a tailored and authentic way.

Highlight Company Culture

People are attracted to brands that show you the things that they aren’t necessarily supposed to. Letting your followers see your quirk and charm, sharing inside jokes between employees and giving an inside look of the office is sure way of getting your audience to want to be a part of that too! The reason people love celebrities that are “real” and share their day-to-day lives on their social media, is because everyone is looking for that relatability factor, that they to can belong.

Take and post pictures of you and your employees at work or even an Instagram Story of the staff during their work day. Use well-thought-out captions to share funny and quirky info about the employees and what’s happening around the office! When you attend any event, launch a new product or project, go on a lunch outing or do anything exciting and photo-worthy, make sure you capture it! Being able to get an exclusive, inside look into your business gives your followers a sense of belonging in your brand’s “tribe.”

Build Community

Combine the exposure and company culture tactics to get the added benefit of a well-built community. As the saying goes, “your vibes attracts your tribe.” Attract your brand’s tribe through strategies that pull together branded hashtags you’ve created or joined, real and raw engagement, behind-the-scenes snaps, happy hour meetings, and, of course, those gorgeous photos.

Instagram is the perfect platform for creating a specific community. You can create a hashtag that users can plug in to be mentioned or featured by your account and page, to a way for you to give away product, introduce a contest or launch a new service to your exclusive followers first.

Drive Your Sales

Instagram is so much more than just a place to share eye-catching photos–it can actually drive sales for your business! With this social media app, you can provide window-shopping opportunities for your followers, giving them a taste of your products and services. Now with new features like shoppable posts, video ads, and swipe-up links for Instagram Stories, you can easily encourage traffic back to your site and convert loyal followers into loyal customers!

More and more brands are turning to the booming-app to sell their products and services and to promote their brand and businesses, and we think this trend will continue!