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GGroup.ca: Communicating Core Business Values Through Creative Website Design

Published: December 31 2008

GGroup of Companies has been doing business in the Okanagan for decades. The  growth of the company and the marketing requirements for the business made it necessary for GGroup to build its corporate presence online with a new website.

The goals of the website were two-fold: (1) promote GGroup's real estate development projects, and (2) highlight GGroup's corporate philosophy - environmental, social and economic stewardship. GGroup has a unique perspective which is followed through business operations; this perspective is to ensure that their current businesses do not, at any point, leave a negative footprint for future generations to contend with. The challenge for DotCom Media was to design a website that visually connected GGroup's core business values to their real estate development projects.

The result was a tree. Not just any tree, but a very unique tree on GGroup's McKinley Landing property, photographed beautifully by Kelowna photographer, Brian Sprout. Some thoughtful and impressive Flash work by DotCom's lead designer, Spiro Vouladakis, added dimension to the image and connected GGroup, their team, their core values, and their development projects to the tree, the land as well as the surrounding environment.

Website programming features include DotCom's custom website content management system - .cms, a news database, as well as an easily updateable and manageable development projects database, where projects can be updated and moved by the client from future, to present, and to past projects as they progress to completion. Using DotCom's .cms, GGroup has already grown their website in a clean and organized manner to over 36 pages!

In a referral letter regarding DotCom Media's work, Andrew Gaucher, Operations Manager for GGroup wrote, “DotCom Media is unquestionably the preeminent media team in the valley and should be recognized as such.”

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