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Published: February 01 2016

Chances Kelowna is a Community Gaming Centre that offers bundles of fun and enjoyment. There is always an exciting event coming up or a new drink special available, and Chances was looking for a way to share these messages with the community, as efficiently as possible.

The Strategy

When Chances Kelowna wanted to advertise a wide array of show promotions, photos, videos, and text in Orchard Park Shopping Centre, they came to Csek Creative.

Instead of constantly going into the mall to swap out signage and displays, Chances was looking for a way to manage their mall advertising from anywhere, we had just the solution for them.

The Execution

Chances offers many fun and exciting games and events, and their promotions change on a regular basis. Attempting to switch out physical displays in Orchard Park Shopping Centre every time a new promotion came up would be extremely time consuming and inefficient, so Csek Creative built a solution from the ground up to accommodate their needs.

The solution came in the form of a fun and eye-catching display wall with three television screens, on which content can be changed out remotely from a computer or smartphone. This is digital display advertising at its finest, allowing the client to change their messaging whenever they want.


  • Cloud-based software allows Chances to schedule promotions for specific dates, times, or days of the week, all from the comfort of their own office.
  • Modern technology solutions made the setup of the display as compact as possible. All electronics are located in the “slot machine”.