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Cseking In with Pamela Pearson

Published: November 02 2023

In a recent interview with host Nikki Csek on "Cseking In," guest Pamela Pearson discussed her career, philanthropic work, and the factors that have shaped her remarkable journey.

Her core mission is to enhance the quality of business and life in her community and inspire others to give back.

She has served as the Past President of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce, received the 2023 Women of the Year award, and holds the position of Director of Operations at Sentes Automotive.

Additionally, she is the Chairperson of the OurCommunity Committee, a charity close to her heart.

Pamela emphasized several key themes during the conversation like stepping out of one's comfort zone. She also stressed the importance of building connections, not just for professional growth but for making a positive impact.

Pamela believes in putting in maximum effort and showing up consistently, regardless of the circumstances. Her dedication is evident in her role as the Director of Operations at Sentes Automotive.

Pamela Pearson is an inspiration for women in business and an influential figure in the automobile industry.

In following her example, you can be inspired to step out of your comfort zone, build connections, and give your best in your own pursuit of making a positive difference.

To learn more about her journey and her contributions to the community, watch the full episode of "Cseking In."