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Csek Creative Adds Award-Winning Illustrator and Graphic Designer To Their Team

Published: March 11 2013


Csek Creative is pleased to welcome Jason Strauss to their team. Jason is a gifted graphic designer, award-winning and published illustrator with extensive typography knowledge that extends beyond his doodling abilities.


Jason is extremely happy to be joining the web team at Csek Creative saying, “I'm looking forward to working with Csek Creative. They have a friendly, professional demeanour and collaborating with their highly experienced and skilled programmers is every designers dream.”


"We're really excited to have Jason join the team. He brings a wealth of experience and a great eye for design," said Ryan Lahay, senior developer and partner at Csek Creative.


To learn more about Csek Creative visit www.CsekCreative.com or call 250-862-8010