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Content Marketing 101:
What Makes Content Good?

Published: January 19 2016

Content marketing is about giving consumers free information without expectation. Content marketing should be used to increase your brand affinity and position you as an expert in your field.

Every piece of content that you publish should be valuable

Everyone thinks that they are busy these days and we value our time more and more with every passing year. With that in mind, the content that you share with people needs to have value to make it worth their time. Of course value is subjective, but if you concentrate on posting things that are informative, inspiring, educational, or funny, you will be on the right track.



Content should be real and honest

The internet has completely changed the way that we interact with one another and with brands. Gone are the days when businesses could be strictly business - these days, consumers love brands that are human and honest. There’s a reason why the “buy local” movement is so big right now, and a lot of that has to do with the “realness” that local brands portray.

Content should be relevant to your brand and values

Your content marketing doesn’t always have to be about your industry; In reality, that would get really boring for both you and your customers. That said, the content that you produce or share should always reflect your values and your brand. Imagine if Dove posted an article online that encouraged women to lose 10 pounds when their entire brand is based on self-acceptance. Let’s just say that the backlash would be quick and painful!

Consistency and strategy is vital

Like any form of advertising and marketing, a truly great content marketing strategy requires investment. While content marketing doesn’t need to require a financial investment, it does require your time. Consistency is important when you are building and retaining an online audience and when you post great things, they come to expect it.

We often see businesses posting to Facebook five times within one afternoon and then not post anything again for two weeks! Not only have you spammed the people who ARE following you, you are making it difficult to gain new followers by being inconsistent and not staying top of mind.



Analysis and adaptability

Nearly every online content or social platform offers some form of analytical information, and that’s not even counting Google Analytics, which you should have installed in your own website. Take the time to become familiar with each available reporting system and analyze your stats on a regular basis.

Which Facebook post did the best? What time of day do people seem to interact more? Which platform is sending the best leads to your website? When you have the answers to these questions and more, you can actively adapt your content marketing strategy and improve your success.


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