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Beware of Becoming Search-dependant

Published: April 03 2009

Web industry blogger, Shayne Tilley, is currently at the Search Marketing Expo in Sydney and attended a seminar on websites becoming search-dependant. In other words, the large majority of the traffic coming to the website comes from search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN.  If this traffic were to disappear, how would your site fair?

The article/seminar goes on to discuss how a minor change in the search engine algorithms that give websites their placement could drastically change your search engine positioning for the worse.  Without this traffic coming to your site, could your website continue to be profitable?  Similarly, if the majority of your traffic comes from 1 or 2 link partners and those partners removed your link, how would this affect your business?

Shayne suggests making sure your website has a good mix of link, direct, and search engine traffic to avoid dependance on any one source.

To read the entire article, titled "Beware of Becoming Search-dependent" click here.