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3 Critical Components for a Successful Website

Published: October 03 2011

The following items are key components that affect the success of your Kelowna website design.

Visual Impact: Does your site have visual impact? Do you feel that it represents your business in a positive manner? A good site will provide the viewer with visual impact that suits the message of the online property. For instance an accountant will want a different visual impact than an online snowboard shop.  Knowing who your target audience is critical in providing the right visuals to the message.
Message: What is the message that your website is projecting? The message should be clear and have purpose. It is one thing to have visual impact, but with no purpose, it is simply art to be admired. Your web design should be created to convert viewers into buyers, callers, brand-advocates. Also, don't forget it is a two-way street - they want something from you and, in return, you want something from them. So make sure your message is clear. What do you want them to do?
Functionality: A good site has good functionality, it is easy to navigate, and is easy to understand. That may sound simple enough, but it is a major factor in the failure of many sites. Make it easy and intuitive. 
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