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20 Years Young

Published: January 11 2019

I often say our job is that of being a storyteller.

We help brands tell their stories. Sometimes we work so closely with our clients, we become part of their story. But every client becomes part of our story - making it ever-longer and filled with ups, downs, twists and turns from page to page and chapter to chapter.

As I write this, our story is turning 20 years old and marks the start of a new chapter. Not only as a chronological milestone - but a physical one. For the last 18 years, our creative headquarters could be found in the wonderfully diverse and vibrant downtown core. As we wrap up 2018, we will be opening our doors at our new location in the Landmark Centre - expanding our space and capacity for executing creative and technically rich campaigns for the brands that have placed trust in us.  

If I could summarize the narrative for our story these last 20 years, it would be one of humility and good old-fashioned hard work. We don’t beat our own drum very often, perhaps to our own detriment. Humility is an uncommon virtue in an industry grounded in promotion and advertising. However, I believe it has been a key ingredient in our success. It has allowed us to focus on creating measurable results, and not be distracted by “new” flashy technologies or chasing awards (though, that has never stopped us from picking a few up along the way). It has allowed us to be flexible in the solutions we propose to our clients trying to solve complex business problems.

Never have we said in the office, “we are better than” any competitor. The C.S. Lewis quote, “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.”, has always resonated with me.

However, if I allow myself a brief moment of hubris in the wake of our 20th year - I must recognize that part of the reason we are where we are today is because we consistently deliver better service, value, and results than others in the market.

This isn’t the result of any one member of the Csek Creative team. It is the cumulative efforts, energy, wisdom, and talent of everyone that I am blessed to work with every single day. This crazy mix of individuals make up our 11 herbs and spices. Our “special sauce”. The heroes in our story.

As the ink dries on our latest chapter, I look forward to the next. Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in our new location, but with our same old values.

I can’t wait to see what is on the next page.

- Ryan Lahay  

Partners & Leadership Team in our new Landmark space during the build phase. Ryan Lahay, Nikki Csek, Jim Csek, and Rob Cupello